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Featured Work
Kuishi Na Simba Poster -Swahili + Laurels.jpg

Kuishi Na Simba
(Living With Lions)

Curiosity Stream, Siima Media, Ouragan Films

Directed by Erica Rugabandana

Produced by Jacqueline Farmer

DP Cyril Barbacon

Edited by Julie Rooney Busse

Two lioness sisters raise their young cubs in Serengeti amongst the abundance of the great herd migrations. But when the lean season arrives, the lionesses have no other option but to prey on the cattle of the Omosoka family, who live in the village bordering Serengeti. The attacks divide the family. Rugari wants to poison and kill the lions, but his daughter Nyange will do everything in her power to save them.

Editor and Screenwriter
Nominated in 2022 for NY Emmy

Amidst the pandemic, Works & Process, the performing arts series at the Guggenheim produced performing arts creative bubbles for artists to work safely together again. Go behind the scenes as artists return to the studio and stage for the first time since the pandemic. Featuring Music From The SoleLes Ballet Afrik, Ephrat Asherie Dance, The Missing Element, Jamar Roberts, and Seven Deadly Sins.

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Wild Places

Music by Aaron Travers

Video by Julie Busse

Explore some of the world's last wild places in this orchestral and video collaboration. 

Premieres November 2024 at the Indiana University Cinema

Behind The Dance

Produced by The Yard and Dancing Camera

Edited by Julie Busse

"At the core of The Yard’s mission is a commitment to supporting artists through residency opportunities. Ever wondered what happens in a Yard residency? These videos offer a closer look into The Yard’s programs, allowing you to go behind the dance and experience the power of creativity for yourself." 

Cover Image: From "Kuishi Na Simba", video by Erica Rugabandana

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